1999 International Box Truck with a Diesel Engine and a Lift Gate

There are a ton of older used box trucks on the market. Their prices range all over the place from cheap to crazy expensive and their condition is the same. Some are well maintained and ready to work and others are more ready for the boneyard than the highway. Most are somewhere in between these extremes.

Here is a box truck I came across recently and actually thought about buying it myself;

The old truck is in need of some repairs – but she has potential in my opinion. The sleeper is surprisingly large and almost the size of what I am more used to in a big truck (tractor/trailer). Though the opening is more old-style where you sorta crawl through and into the sleeper vs just standing up and walking back there.

The box wasn’t bad – though there are two small leaks on both front corners. Not hard to fix if you know how to work with epoxy (it has a translucent roof).

The engine started and ran fine – after being jumped. It had been sitting for some time and not run on any regular basis so the batteries were down. I jumped it with my car after about 20 minutes or so of charging.

The biggest apparent problem is the door to the box – that thing is hosed – and a new one is in the range of about $2000 installed – give or take. To fix it right and do the work yourself would be probably less than half that – but regardless of who or how – the door needs to be repaired or replaced – and I would just replace the thing.

My business is primarily focused on training and consulting along with providing related products and services to help individuals, companies and other organizations do better in work, business, and life – and not on actually transporting stuff personally at the moment. Yet it was very tempting and I almost bought this thing myself!

For the right individual or company, it could be a great opportunity but for me, it would have been a costly mistake – or an expensive hobby – depending on how you look at it I suppose.



Welcome to Seller Direct Services!

Ever since I founded and started Transport Resource Solutions LLC as a training and consulting company providing specialized information and resources to help people build and run better companies and build better lives, one of the resources I envisioned was  Seller Direct Services.

Seller Direct Services is a resource to help you sell or buy vehicles, equipment, real estate, recreation vehicles, boats, tiny homes of all kinds and real estate – and a way to so it directly between the seller and the buyer. No agents, no brokers or other intermediaries – just Seller Direct Services – hence the name.

What we will provide are interconnected platforms to market the item for sale and to bring sellers and buyers together. We use multiple methods and platforms to attract interest.

That will include being featured as a video tour/inspection on our Seller Direct Services YouTube channel, a written article and post on our Seller Direct Services site (here) and various marketing and advertising on some of our sites in our growing network of other interconnected sites.

We will also use other ways of generating traffic and interest too.

This is a very efficient way for the potential buyers to find and then to contact sellers directly via email or voice mail/ message and go from there.

For a limited time to introduce Seller Direct Services initial new listings will be FREE – and subsequent pricing will be a flat rate per period of time and very affordable too.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!