1999 International Box Truck with a Diesel Engine and a Lift Gate

There are a ton of older used box trucks on the market. Their prices range all over the place from cheap to crazy expensive and their condition is the same. Some are well maintained and ready to work and others are more ready for the boneyard than the highway. Most are somewhere in between these extremes.

Here is a box truck I came across recently and actually thought about buying it myself;

The old truck is in need of some repairs – but she has potential in my opinion. The sleeper is surprisingly large and almost the size of what I am more used to in a big truck (tractor/trailer). Though the opening is more old-style where you sorta crawl through and into the sleeper vs just standing up and walking back there.

The box wasn’t bad – though there are two small leaks on both front corners. Not hard to fix if you know how to work with epoxy (it has a translucent roof).

The engine started and ran fine – after being jumped. It had been sitting for some time and not run on any regular basis so the batteries were down. I jumped it with my car after about 20 minutes or so of charging.

The biggest apparent problem is the door to the box – that thing is hosed – and a new one is in the range of about $2000 installed – give or take. To fix it right and do the work yourself would be probably less than half that – but regardless of who or how – the door needs to be repaired or replaced – and I would just replace the thing.

My business is primarily focused on training and consulting along with providing related products and services to help individuals, companies and other organizations do better in work, business, and life – and not on actually transporting stuff personally at the moment. Yet it was very tempting and I almost bought this thing myself!

For the right individual or company, it could be a great opportunity but for me, it would have been a costly mistake – or an expensive hobby – depending on how you look at it I suppose.



What to Do When You Have Equipment or Other Property to Sell

Got a commercial truck, trailer, heavy equipment or a boat, car, motorcycle or something else to sell?


Start by making sure you have all that you need to be able to sell the item to begin with. Do you have the title – and is it clear of liens and encumbarances?

Is it in YOUR name or will you have to get someone else to sign it (exwife, business partner etc.) ?

If that is the case you need to deal with it early in the process and not have it be a surprise which can and probably would kill your deal.

Gather up all other papers and manuals and anything else that goes with the item and make sure they are neat and organized – and that you dont have other things mixed in with them. Be a shame to give away a signed title to another piece of equipment when you didnt realize it was in the same folder or envelope.

Write a Description

As you do think about what information you would need and want if you were looking to buy it yourself. Be thorough and detailed but clear and to the point too.

Be sure you have a way for them to contact you?

I have had many people leave off ANY and ALL contact information from their own ads – including some I would have liked to have made offers on myself. If they can’t contact you somehow then everyone loses – especially YOU!

And don’t worry – when you list with Seller Direct Services – we handle that for you too.

Be accurate and honest. Too many people exagerate and omit information trying to make a sale dishonestly. That is one thing that kills a lot of deals when it is discovered before the deal is completed – and results in bad blood and lawsuits after the fact in other cases.

You don’t need that. They don’t need that. Neither does anyone else. So tell the truth and be as accurate as you can. If needed the price can be a point of negotiation to address any problems with the item – and in most cases, there will always be someone happy to take on almost any problem – for the right price.

List It in Multiple Places at the Same Time

You need to cast a wide net to attract and capture the attention of  buyers as fast as possible. So list it in multiple places all at the same time to increase the chances of finding the right buyer and finding them faster!

When you list with Seller Direct Services we don’t care where else you list – and we encourage you to do so! You can even point them to our site and our YouTube channel if you like. We do not charge a commission – just a flat fee per listing. So it is in our best interest and yours to help you find a buyer as soon as possible by any and all means we can use.

We will also tell you how to do some free promotion of your own using your existing social media accounts and other things you may or may not even be aware of.

Got something to sell? Want to list it now for FREE for a limited time? Send me an email to listings@sellerdirectservices.com  and let’s talk about it now!

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