3 Things to Do Before You Buy a Boat

Buying a boat is an exciting thing to do. It is also an emotional thing that can cause your brain to malfunction – and you may miss (or ignore!) critical things that are right in front of your face. This can cause you to make bad decisions – sometimes very bad decisions – and your […]

Where to Find Commercial Trucks and Equipment

There are a number of excellent sources to look at for keeping an eye on the market and what’s available. This is something you should consider doing at all times – not just when you are actively looking to buy a certain piece of equipment. Why might you want to do it? The same reason […]

1999 International Box Truck with a Diesel Engine and a Lift Gate

There are a ton of older used box trucks on the market. Their prices range all over the place from cheap to crazy expensive and their condition is the same. Some are well maintained and ready to work and others are more ready for the boneyard than the highway. Most are somewhere in between these […]

What to Do When You Have Equipment or Other Property to Sell

Got a commercial truck, trailer, heavy equipment or a boat, car, motorcycle or something else to sell?   Start by making sure you have all that you need to be able to sell the item to begin with. Do you have the title – and is it clear of liens and encumbarances? Is it in […]

Welcome to Seller Direct Services!

Ever since I founded and started Transport Resource Solutions LLC as a training and consulting company providing specialized information and resources to help people build and run better companies and build better lives, one of the resources I envisioned was  Seller Direct Services. Seller Direct Services is a resource to help you sell or buy […]